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XYZ Services, Inc., is a “close the gap” provider of low-cost sober transitional housing for alcoholics and other-drug addicts, in recovery, following treatment in hospital or other specialized treatment facilities. Our mission is to help our residents close the gap between addiction lifestyles, and achieving success in the community, family and employment, while staying sober in the process.

Our private, charitable, non-profit organization leases eight private homes from their owners in Montgomery County, MD.  We then rent rooms in those homes to sober individuals who are screened with the help of the county, as well as private agencies. Some of our residents come directly from incarceration, and some reside with us while managing their lives under the jurisdiction, and control, of the Montgomery County Drug Court.  All are required to be sober and active in twelve-step recovery groups in this geographical area.

The XYZ Services, Inc Housing Program provides transitional single bedroom housing for sober, recovering alcoholics and addicts in Montgomery County, Maryland. The organization works in collaboration with Montgomery County Health and Human Services, and the Montgomery County Drug Court Program, to provide housing for of the Drug Court Program for these Montgomery County, MD clients.

XYZ Services will also engage in job training programs, for sober alcoholics and addicys in recovery, where it will collaborate with other organizations in this endeavor. Activities for the job training program have not yet been included in this plan, since the details have not yet been worked out with its partner organization. Additional funding is needed in order to undertake this project. To assist us, or inquire about this objective you can email us at

XYZ Services' objective is to become a leading and premier provider of abstinence and recovery, and seeks to make this experience at a nominal fee and available for all interested participants. This is done through a solid financial approach to managing these resources. XYZ Services will serve participants with housing and training throughout the Montgomery County, MD area. Ongoing efforts are in place to continue to improve the quality and integrity of the program, including managing and monitoring the positive perception of the program and transitional housing services within the public communities it serves.



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